About Us

The Go-To Resource for Fencing Professionals

Fence contractors and architects alike continue to have positive experiences when working with our team.

By providing detailed quotes, CAD drawings, and design-build solutions we are able to work in conjunction with our customers and architects to ensure their projects are completed accurately. We combine fence industry knowledge, fabrication experience and business management to create a resource for professionals that demand service and quality. CFabrication is the professional’s choice for fence fabrication.


Accreditations & Associations


Cfabrication LLC is a proud member of the American Fence Association. The AFA benefits fence industry professionals and consumers by promoting professionalism, ethics and product knowledge since 1962. It is the largest and most comprehensive resource in the industry.


Along with this membership, we have a Certified Fence Professional (CFP) on staff. The CFP accreditation shows an individual has demonstrated a high level of competence for the fence industry by passing a suitable examination and fulfilling prescribed standards of performance and conduct. CFabrication LLC is also a City Of Los Angeles certified Type I Fabricator as approved by the Department of Building and Safety.

Quality Control

Taking the time needed to fabricate each component to the specifications and measurements required is not enough. With our roots steeped in the fencing industry, we understand the need to have the correct product delivered on time with each item numbered and provided in order.

Our control process starts with purchasing raw materials from reputable partners to ensure a solid foundation to begin the build. Our fabrication facility is climate controlled, and properly ventilated with state of the art welding machines, breaks, presses, cold saws, benders and notchers. Each item is inspected and numbered prior to coating and then inspected again after coating before it is shipped to the customer. Our uniformed fabricators and delivery team take pride in our products and understand that safety is the first step in providing a quality product.

Ready to elevate your fencing projects to a whole new level of excellence?

Deeply Rooted in the Fencing Industry

Our family has been in the fence industry since 1979. With our origins as a fence contractor including estimating and installing fences, we know what you need. This is what sets us apart from all other fabrication companies. No other fabricator has the fence industry history, knowledge and accreditation (CFP) that we hold.

We understand the truncated timelines you face. We understand that shop drawings are needed at a moments notice. We understand the need for job site deliveries and most importantly…We Understand Fencing! CFabrication LLC has been a leading fence fabricator since 2010 working on projects such as The Rose Bowl security upgrades, The new Port of Entry along the US and Mexican boarder in San Ysidro and Oxford Basin in Marina Del Rey.

Our customers have become our partners in business as we continue to provide more product options that enable our clients to increase their contract amounts and their overall profits. The management team at CFabrication is a group of professionals that bring experience from different industries including fencing, fabrication and manufacturing. With our fencing background and our dedication to our customers needs we pride ourselves in becoming the premier fence fabricator.